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Various Co-working Tips that can make you a Great Co-worker

Sharing working space in a co-working arrangement can greatly benefit you if are a freelancer or an entrepreneur looking for office space to get a head start in your new business. Boredom due to lack of interaction with other people can make work boring and unproductive if you are not engaging with other people and hence co working provides that much needed opportunity keeping you productive and happy. Many remote workers, freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs have greatly embraced the new concept of co-working and today it is not strange to find yourself in a group of people sharing office space but working for different companies. Co-working tips and etiquette is therefore a must have to ensure that you are able blend in properly and avoid conflicts. Check out the following tips.

Noise levels is the one of the most essential coworking tips that you need to consider when joining a co-working environment. Normal offices are also governed by noise rules and hence co-working space is no exception to this rule especially if you are joining for the first time. You can quickly learn about noise by reading instructions on the notice board and observing how other co-workers are using the space allocated to them and get an idea of what is expected of you. During your initial visit you may discover that your co-workers are receiving phone calls on speaker, playing movies and loud music, and having loud chats in the office. Such nuances gives you a hint of the what is generally expected of you. On the contrary, if you find everyone seated and quiet concentrating on their work, do not go chatting up your co-workers and making noise while receiving calls and playing loud music. Noise levels also determine the choice of your communication channels while at work e.g. emails and Skype or other messaging applications to contact your clients and stakeholders if the co-working environment is quiet.

The other most critical etiquette to consider in a co-working is to ensure that you are self-sufficient, and can function perfectly with minimal or no help at all. For example, be keen to view more and notice the Wifi password on the notice board and see here signs, the location of the bathrooms, kitchen, meeting rooms, eating area etc and make sure that you have your personal essentials such as phone chargers.

The other essential tip about coworking is being collaborative with others as much as possible and see more in others. Often, you may think that other co-workers do not want to be disturbed or talked to but nothing may be further from the truth. You need to make sure that you can interact with others when you are all on break or relaxing to get more info about themselves.